Astral Sea at Ginza Six

Dec 06, 2019

We have created the seasonal campaign Celebration of Life for the luxury shopping mall Ginza Six in Tokyo. The Astral Sea whales have been transformed to 15m long to the traditional illuminated nebuta floats made of bamboo and steel frame and covered in washi paper. The dark nordic forest, planets, sea turtles, jellyfish and red swan swim in space with the whales.






Read More about the Celebration of Life campaign at the Ginza Six website 


New graphic art

Apr 29, 2019

Klaus Haapaniemi has added 5 new works to Xenia series of etchings made with drypoint and aquatint, making this series of curious still life compositions now nine works. The Xenia works have repeating elements, frogs, bees, birds, fish and mushrooms that become a part of new composition in each work. 
Each work is printed in edition of 40, they are signed and available to purchase from Himmelblau or through us.


Transparency and sustainability

Apr 24, 2019

We are committed to operating a modern and responsible business creating ethical and sustainable luxury products.

Our supply chains

Our materials are sourced and our products manufactured through a carefully selected network of suppliers, some of which have worked with us since the brand was founded in 2010.
All our home textiles are digitally printed in UK on linen, silk or cotton velvet that are sourced from textile mills in UK and Italy.
90% of our fashion textiles are also printed digitally in UK. The clothes and soft furnishing products are then made in small factories in Estonia.
We use only certified organic cotton for our Kids collection. All the jersey products are printed and made in Portugal and the woven clothes are made in Estonia.
To guarantee that it is organic, we use cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) The GOTS ensures that a minimum of 70% of fibres are organic.

Digital printing

All our wallpapers and fabrics are printed digitally using half the ink of screen printing methods and results in far less waste being discharged into the drains. There is no washing of screens or changing colours, so water consumption is reduced by approximately half. We only ever print as much fabric or paper that is needed, so there is very minimal fabric waste. To minimise the waste even more, we use the fabric cuts in making other smaller products.

Shop opening in Helsinki

Nov 15, 2018

The first permanent retail space has opened in Garden, new center for Finnish Fashion in Helsinki. Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. space is located on the second floor together with TRE x Nide. The silver ribbon installation hosts all the categories from accessories to kids, and is the first location where the new womenswear collection is available.

Opening hours are
Monday to Friday10-19, 
Saturday 10-17, 
Sunday 12-16

Pohjoisesplanadi 33, 00100 Helsinki


Le Bon Tikka

Nov 03, 2018

Le Bon Tikka is a modified version of Tenu Gin – Forest Blend. The molasses base macerartion is made with juniper berries, bilberries, wild artic rose petals, fennel seeds and citrus peel. After a copper pot distillation the gin is aged at 67% ABV in 200 litre, medium roasted new American oak barrels for 6 months.

The batch is total of 1800 bottles and is available October 2018.

Tenu Gin

Nov 02, 2018

Tenu comes from the Taïga, the primitive, untamed forests of the north.
Its rare ingredients are foraged from those pristine woods by a brotherhood of monks.
Through a set of meticulous tasks the monks then distill the gin to a very high degree of perfection.
Their greatest concern is to keep alive the spirit’s communication with its origins, the virgin forest.
This patient labour amounts to the work of a sha’man, and the end result encapsulates what can only be referred to as the Spirit of the Forest.

Graphic art by Klaus Haapaniemi

Oct 27, 2018

Klaus Haapaniemi (born in 1970) is currently one of Finland’s most internationally successful designers. His creations combine Japanese and Russian aesthetics, on the one hand, and the world of folk tales and anthropomorphic animal figures, on the other hand. He has also designed the costumes and staging for the Finnish National Opera’s production of “The Cunning Little Vixen”. At Himmelblau, Haapaniemi has been using gravure printing for the first time. By looking at his virtuoso-like strokes, it would be impossible to tell that he is only starting to grasp the intaglio technique. The new works are compositions, and they also feature the animal creatures that are present in Haapaniemi’s other works.

The composition series has now 6 completed works. You can find out more and purchase the prints from Himmelblau.

Lightnings in Tiger Woods mural for Hotel St. George, Helsinki

Aug 02, 2018

Klaus Haapaniemi has created a large scale custom mural exclusively for the St George Hotel in Helsinki.

Positioned in the main lounge of the hotel, ‘Lightnings in Tiger Woods’ benefits from a large roof window that lets in light during the day, while in the evening the space is softly lit. The changing mood through the day showcases the many elements of the intricate design printed on silk in Klaus’ distinctive house style. Using the atmosphere of the hotel itself as the basis for his creative inspiration, Haapaniemi’s piece takes visitors for an escapist journey into the woods, the changing light of the room revealing the details of the scene throughout the day. The rhythmic composition of tiger striped trunks and lush green tree tops withering in the wind suggest a sudden storm in an August afternoon.


 As much as the use of silk as a wall covering has its challenges, it gives an incomparable softness to the texture and an unmistakable shimmering pearlescent surface. The colour palette of deep earthy burgundies, greens, blues and greys tie into the rest of the interior, bringing the room together with a warm harmony, intended of surrounding visitors in magical woods during the autumn.

The mural is a permanent fixture of the St George Hotel. The Hotel guests can also enjoy subtle patterns of Klaus Haapaniemi fabrics in the rooms.