Discotheque Escargot

Baroque sculpture in mouth blown glass
by Klaus Haapaniemi

Discotheque Escargot

Cabinet of curiosity housing a sculpture build from milky glass discs that shift in grey and purple hues, mushrooming into tall shimmering towers for white snails to wonder.

Glass blowing: Lasisirkus
Music: Jarmo Julkunen
Film: Emmi Ekilä

Welcome to the alternative reality and world of Achatina Iredalei.

Iredalei are one of the smaller in the Achatina family, they have a  golden shell and a caramel and cream coloured body,  their internal organs can be partially seen through their thin and semi-transparent shells.

The sculpture questions the perception of our natural life in environments like zoos and brings back the microclimates and small cabinets of curiousities that can be curated by artist and keepers by themself.

It is also a fully functioning terrarium with opening front door, the snails are fed with fresh vegetables and salad leaves and the climate is kept moist with daily watering.

The sculpture was made in collaboration with Lasisirkus in Nuutajärvi, Finland.

Photography by Emmi Ekilä.