Taika Sato launch

Abundant harvest of imagination

In my work, I have always been inspired by nature through science, still life painting and photography and have studied these subjects in my work often. 

Klaus Haapaniemi

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In the compositions for the Sato series I wanted to elevate vegetables and fruits in a powerful way that leaves room for imagination to interpret the forms and colours intuitively. They can be seen as colourful textures, abstract compositions, or a deliciously abundant and ripe harvest.

Klaus Haapaniemi

Sato compositions create a universe, where each object has a unique character instead of a repeating pattern. The objects compliment each other. Besides the familiar Taika shapes the Sato introduces new vases and jars designed by Klaus Haapaniemi.

Taika Sato is a new collection for Iittala and available in stores on January 3rd, 2024.