Archived fashion capsule collections

Each collection begins with a theme that is the base for the designs and prints. From the very first Catraoke collection to the latest Puu collection, every classic print has a story behind it. They have sprung to life in artfully crafted, themed capsule collections before becoming timeless classics of their own.

Rich in both character and narrative, the Polar Byzantine collection by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. presents the art of storytelling through a series of beautifully crafted silk pieces.

Polar Byzantine fashion collection

Iceflower Gown

Hexe summer collection by Klaus Haapaniemi & co. is seasonal wear for gatherings in warm evenings and nighttime ceremonies. Nocturnally blooming floral prints evoke the feeling of supernatural beauty and dark arts of Artemisian horticulture.

It’s examinations of the seamlessly harmless world of botany which similarly attracts, intoxicates, evolves consciousness and could bring hallucinogenic euphoria or danger when misused.

The collection is created around floral prints exploring the world of poisons and herbcrafts for summertime sorceresses, and consists dresses of lightweight silk for evenings and relaxed and cool cotton dresses for daytime.

Hexe fashion collection

Equinoxe silk dress

Opium frill shirt

Schizostylus cotton poplin dress

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. launched into womenswear with AW18 capsule collection ‘Catraoke’.

Extending from luxe accessories that have always been part of the brand’s identity, womenswear was a natural next step. Condensed into 6 key looks, the collection went beyond trends and seasons with functional pieces focusing on construction around playful prints and their placements.

Catraoke fashion collection

Nocturnal silkwear collection

Nocturnal Bloom silkwear collection launched during London Design Festival in 2014 along the Arte Bloom sofas created with Nikari, and brass pendant lights created with Taneli Mansikkamäki.

The collection started from the Nocturnal Bloom textiles. They were inspired by a night-garden and dark seductive flowers that only bloom at night, Moonflower, Midsummer Night and Purple Rain.