Polar Byzantine

Rich in both character and narrative, the Polar Byzantine collection by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. presents the art of storytelling through a series of beautifully crafted scarves.

The poetic story written by award winning Finnish author, Rosa Liksom tells lyrical animal story that evokes our inner feelings and connects our subconscious to universal nature. A true arctic odyssey. 
The hand bound collectors book contains the full story of Polar Byzantine and five designs printed on 100% silk, each one representing a chapter in the book. The scarves paint a vivid window into a dreamlike polar landscapes.

Polar Byzantine scarf book

  • The story is about to begin
  • Poetic story written by Rosa Liksom
  • Chapter I
  • Wearable art in a gift box
  • Chapter II
  • Chapter III
  • Bound book box
  • Chapter IV
  • Chapter V