Some people have always had a different view on the world. These people look deeper and see further. They sense shadows and feel textures.

The people living in Finland have always had a strong connection to nature. Their rocks, rivers, forests and their animals has given them powerful instincts and strong intuition. In these rough landscapes live people who have learnt to see.

The truth is, that the skill to see is hidden in each of us. The secret of being able to see is to give power back to our nature and let the subconscious rule. This path will lead us to the purest of experiences.

This is your key. Open the gate, step forward and start seeing. Welcome to the world of Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.



Jimi Tenor for Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.


Studio 4 Berlin

Our third installation and pop up in a Berlin gallery until 27.1.2024

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Taika Sato launch

Abundant harvest of imagination

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Winter campaign for Réel Mall, Shanghai until January 15th 2024

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Printed Positions

Exhibition in Borås Textile Museum until august 2024

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Discotheque Escargot

Baroque sculpture in mouth blown glass
by Klaus Haapaniemi

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Museum of Visual Arts
Lahden visuaalisten taiteiden museo
Malva, 3.3.– 3.9.2023

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Más allá de lo salvaje

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. exhibition at Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid

on view 27.10.2022 - 29.1.23

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Taika 15 years

Anniversary mug for Iittala

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Klaus weinstuben at Lonna Island

Deliciously fun summer shop and wine bar delighted the visitors at Lonna Island for the summer 2022

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Beyond the Wilderness

Exhibition at Felleshus, Nordic Embassies in Berlin, 1.7. - 25.9.22

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Klaus Haapaniemi x Reima

Childhood wonder and adventure into microcosmos of a meadow.

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Godiva 50th anniversary

We collaborated with Godiva, Japan on their 50th anniversary, creating a special gift box for Valentine's Day this year.

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Winter Fantasy

Prestigious shopping malls Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai were turned into nordic forest fantasyland.

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Vogue Scandinavia visits Klaus

Inaugural issue of Vogue Scandinavia featured Klaus' Finnish home

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Interior installation at Salon Dahlmann

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. has created unique installation of soft furnishing, that expands from guest bedroom to dining room and music room.

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Exhibition in Studio 4 Berlin

6 November — 19 December 2020
curated by Mia Wallenius & Anne Schwarz 

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Astral Sea at Ginza Six

The Astral Sea whales have been transformed to 15m long to the traditional illuminated nebuta floats made of bamboo and steel frame and covered in washi paper.

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Tigerwoods in Hotel St. George

Klaus Haapaniemi has created a large scale custom mural exclusively for the St George Hotel in Helsinki.

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Klaus Haapaniemi x west elm

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