Beyond the wilderness

Jul 20, 2022

Exhibition at Felleshus, Nordic Embassies in Berlin until 25th. of September.


According to Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. the wilderness doesn't only belong in natural landscape but exists in our unconsciousness, design, cooking, behaviour and metaverse. In other words, Beyond the wilderness is a metaphor for freedom, spontaneity and dreaming. Counterbalancing the domesticated ideas in design industries such as new neutrality, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co's desire is to rewild and bring wonder to our environment with their positive, future orientated vision.

The exhibition combines new and older work ranging from traditional craft in woodwork, textile and ceramics to digital immateriality. Installation centres around long dining tent, created to host artist dinners with chef's experimental menu and Iittala setting. The exhibition will also showcase new collaborations with German ceramic tile manufacturer Golem, Swedish crystal company Målerås, Klaus riesling by Friedrich Becker and AR by VR4 Content.


Feel tree

Nov 16, 2021

The seed of inspiration for the new Klaus Haapaniemi collection was planted around 400 years ago in a forest near x. In 1687, a very special tree started growing in this forest inhabited by bears and other animals as well as a native community of people who lived in harmony with the woods, respecting and honouring nature and the resources it provided.

While years and decades past, the woodland witnessed many cold winters and hot summers. The Tree grew older and almost like a magnet, it attracted and intrigued wise and sensitive people. The tree was believed to have supernatural powers.

For centuries this strangely magnetic and mysterious forest where Timi is growing has attracted people, particularly women, drawn by the supernatural. In the past, these women were believed to be witches who often ended up being burned, together with the wood from the very trees they were drawn to and connected to due to the powers they believed and felt the trees to have.

Today, we acknowledge that these people felt and experienced things others couldn’t. We see them as spiritual healers. People who support others in their journey to connect to something bigger and more meaningful, intuition and deeper connection. 

Klaus Haapaniemi’s collection draws its inspiration from these dark magical forests. In its core, this collection is an ode to the women who for centuries have been sensitive, wise and brave enough to see and experience beyond the established views and norms. The women with a connection to the deepest secrets and forces of nature.

New installation in Studio 4 Berlin

Nov 14, 2021

For Exhibition 10 at STUDIO 4 BERLIN, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. return with their new collection Puu (transl. “Tree”), which is inspired by a special tree that is over 400 years old and known for its spiritual forces. For centuries, this tree has attracted people, particularly women, drawn by the supernatural. In the past, they were often labeled as witches and ended up being burned alive. In its core, the new collection is an ode to these women with a connection to the deepest secrets and forces of nature.

Klaus Haapaniemi & Co's designs are presented alongside rare Asian antiquities, such as a Chinese opium bed and a cloisonné alabaster lamp from the late Qing/early Republican era (19th century). Chairs from the Biedermeyer period have been specifically upholstered with fabrics designed by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co., uniting contemporary art with classical design of the late 19th century.

On occasion of the exhibition, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. commissioned a video-work by Finnish photographer and film-maker Perttu Saksa as well as a kaleidoscopic animation by 3D-artist and motion-designer Vilja Achté with music by Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen; both films are on view during the evening hours at STUDIO 4 BERLIN.

Opening Hours:

12 November — 23 December 2021

Wed. to Fri. 12—6pm 

Sat. 11am—4pm

and by appointment



Interior installation at Salon Dahlmann

Dec 08, 2020
The Miettinen Collection presents "Private collection of contemporary art: Interior Installation designed by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. in Berlin.
With the Salon Dahlmann, Timo Miettinen has established a link to Berlin’s salon culture tradition, which emerged not far from the Marburger 3, in the area of the Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin. The Salon presents an eclectic program including a range of different formats: exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops and encounters of creative people and professionals in many fields. The institution is not just a space for cultural meetings and events: The entire house is devoted to the Arts. Annexed to the Salon is a private apartment – die Ferienwohnung – beautifully furnished, combining German and Finnish design. It hosts a selection of artworks from the Miettinen collection with changing arrangements in coordination with the temporary exhibitions in the Salon.
Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. has created unique installation of soft furnishing, that expands from guest bedroom to dining room and music room. Together the pieces form a comprehensive art installation where people can be surrounded by the natural vortex of the universe.
Visitors are invited to join guided tours on Saturdays to visit the Salon, the private apartment and the yard.

Exhibition in Berlin

Nov 16, 2020

6 November — 19 December 2020

curated by Mia Wallenius & Anne Schwarz 


Together with the ‘Himmelblau’ printmaking workshop in Tampere, Haapaniemi has produced a nine-part series of etchings entitled ‘Xenia’ over the past few years, which will be exhibited alltogether for the first time at STUDIO 4 BERLIN. Fish, sea creatures, birds, snails and insects, mushrooms and fruits inhabit these whimsical and narrative compositions - frogs hide in open shells and flowers, a screeching purple rooster poses on an octopus head. Mika Minetti, head of culture at the Finnland-Institut, writes: “The artist created this series with drypoint and aquatint, drawing directly on metal plates without preliminary sketches. For each colour appearing in the etchings, a separate plate was prepared and then printed in the renowned ‘Himmelblau’ printmaking workshop in Tampere, Finland. These unique compositions spin together elements from his magical universe that comprises design, visual arts and luxurious fashion.”

A limited edition leporello leaflet with a text by Mika Minetti will be available at the exhibition.

You are welcome to visit the gallery at Krumme Straße 35 - 36 in Berlin Charlottenburg: open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and by appointment.