Furniture and lights

Bloom sofa by Nikari and Klaus Haapaniemi & Co.

Bloom is a range of upholstered wood sofas in collaboration with the Finnish sustainable-wood furniture brand, Nikari. Haapaniemi has customized the popular birch sofa with an angled back engraved by Nikari craftsmen with a series of original patterns. The soft elements have been upholstered in Haapaniemi’s new Nocturnal Bloom fabrics.The engraving and fabric can be specified and the sofas are available on request only, 

Pendant Lights

 Designed by Klaus Haapaniemi and Taneli Mansikkamäki and Made in Finland from polished brass, with clear lacquer and American walnut, these artistic pendant lights will be shown in three designs and sizes: bee, bat and pinecone, with the motifs created by small perforations in the brass. When the light is off the designs are subtle and intriguing; when turned on the light shines through the tiny holes making for an ethereal glow.